Published 13 June 2019 by Manolis Eglezos & Associates

Freight is due following loading, the voyage and the delivery. An underlying contract can be a charter party or agreement for the transport of goods. Freight agreed in the carriage contract. If not, the normal freight for the specific trade applies. Its calculation varies according to the nature of goods carried. It can be per parcel according to weight or dimensions, to the value of the cargo, lump sum. The latter is due regardless of whether the cargo was indeed loaded or not, or if less cargo was offered for carriage.

Dead freight is the freight paid for unused space of the vessel, in case the entire vessel space was booked but not used.

Supreme Court Judgment no 1360/2017, Presiding: G. Lekkas, Rapporteur Judge: A. Kaganis, Attorneys at law: G. Timagenis, I. Anastasiadis, L. Kitsavas.

NOTE: The chartering contract in not exhaustively regulated in the Greek Code of Private Maritime Law. Provisions of civil law are used if the need arises.