Legal Insight January 2020: Indonesia New Regulation On E-Commerce

Published 09 January 2020 by Nusantara Legal Partnership

Indonesia Government has finally enacted the awaited regulation regarding e-commerce on 25 November 2019 through Government Regulation No. 80 of 2019 concerning Trade through Electronic System (“GR 80/2019”). This regulation is mandated by Article 66 Law No. 7 of 2014 concerning Trade (Law 7/2014).

Main Keys of GR 80/2019: We note some important stipulations on the GR 80/2019 are as follows:

Parties on E-commerce Activities: We note that the GR 80/2019 defined 4 (four) types of party that may engage in e-commerce activities, which are: (a) business practitioners; (b) consumers; (c) non-business individuals; and (d) government agencies.