LALIVE seminar on the exposure of Politically Exposed People

On 7 April 2011, LALIVE organised a seminar on the issue of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), analysing, under the currently applicable Swiss law, the real exposure of PEP and the associated risks for financial operators. The Seminar was chaired by Marc Henzelin, partner with LALIVE, and included presentations from three other members of his team. Simone Nadelhofer presented the treatment of PEP under the Swiss rules on money laundering and the obligations of financial intermediaries (see presentation), Sonja Maeder exposed the possibilities and limits of international judicial assistance relating to PEP (see presentation), and finally Sandrine Giroud gave a presentation on the new Lex Duvalier and the restitution of illegally acquired assets in the context of a failing States with comments on the recent freezing Ordinances of the Swiss Government regarding Tunisia, the Ivory Coast, Egypt and Libya (see presentation). For further information, please contact Marc Henzelin.