Koffels Solicitors & Barristers - Australasia Regional Meeting

Published 21 August 2019 by Koffels Solicitors & Barristers

Ross and Julia Koffel enjoyed their visit to Perth, WA, last week, to attend the IR Global Regional Meeting hosted by accounting firm Dry Kirkness at their offices.  Attendees came from across Australia and New Zealand and proved to be very productive in formulating ideas for promotion of our region and exchange of work amongst the group.  Martin Kirkness came up with the novel idea of everyone relating a brief "day in the life" of attendees, with an excellent insight into both their practices, and issues with which  they are dealing.  It was also particularly nice to welcome a new member;  Richard Hemingway of Mandanex Capital Pty Ltd who provides Valuation services. 

Thank you Martin for being an excellent host.  Our next meeting is scheduled to be held in Queenstown NZ in February of next year, and we look forward to meeting up again with what has become close knit group.