Key factors for effective exit strategies

Published 23 May 2017 by MedWorld Advisors

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The MedWorld Strategic Connection

Exit Strategies for Emerging Technology

If you are seeking a possible exit with a “Big S” (Fortune 500 Multi-National Company “MNC”), there are some key factors for you to consider which may vary slightly from an exit for a P.E. or for IPO.

For example, the “team” is critical for an IPO or for a P.E. as investors number one criteria for investment is “team”. However, the Big S companies have very experienced teams in place and often want to do things “their way,” so the seller’s team is less important in this scenario.

What becomes “critical to success” are items including (1) Freedom to Operate (FTO); (2) IP Patents Filed (and Approved); (3) Clinical Validation; (4) Market opportunity for unmet clinical needs addressed by your solution; (5) Regulatory Clearances, and (6) Reimbursement Pathways. 

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