Kegels & Co Partner Dirk Noels launches a completely updated book about the intermediaries under Belgian transport law.


In his new book, Kegels & Co Partner Dirk Noels examines the different aspects of the legal position under Belgian law of the freight forwarder, the customs representative, the ship’s agent, the ship’s broker, the stevedore/nation and the ship and cargo consignor. It is an in-depth legal analysis, supported and substantiated by an enormous selection of legal doctrine and case law. 

Dirk Noels will give a lecture on his new book on the 23rd of November 2018 in the Antwerp Courthouse library, where some current topics about these intermediaries will be discussed.

– Transport law. The intermediaries. – R&P No 96 – (610 pp.) – Editor: Wolters Kluwer Belgium 2018 – ISBN 978-90-46-59217-5 –


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