Obligation to register with social security for directors and partners

Obligation to register with Social Security for directors and partners, both for resident and non-resident directors. It is common for doubts to arise about the obligation to register with Social Security for administrators and partners, whether they are residents or not. In this article we will try to resolve the most common questions that tend […]

Javier MartinezPartner, LEIALTA

Overview of shareholders claims against M&A transactions in Spain

Overview of shareholders claims against M&A transactions in SpainThe Spanish legislation regulates four actions that shareholders can file in connection with M&A transactions. We will analyse each of them as well as the type of transaction in which they might be exercised and the requirements for these actions to be successful. To read more, Click […]

Mireia BlanchPartner, Bufete B. Buigas

Mercantile obligations for companies in Spain

Leialta helps foreign companies and individuals set up a business in Spain. A key aspect for all business owners is understanding the regulatory and mercantile requirements under Spanish law. The fact is, no legal entity manages itself. Read on for precise information from reliable business advisors on mercantile obligations in Spain to begin trading in an efficient […]

Paul Urrutia SubinasPartner, LEIALTA

Spanish holding companies channel investment to and from foreign entities

By knowing how to invest in foreign markets via the application of Spanish International Investment Company status (ETVE), investors benefit from advantageous tax exemptions. Learn how establishing a holding company in Spain with several international dependent subsidiaries abroad can prove to be a wise and safe business investment. Entidades de Tenencia de Valores Extranjeros – […]

Paul Urrutia SubinasPartner, LEIALTA

Member Spotlight – Why boutique is best – Daniel Jimenez Garcia values the personal approach

For Daniel Jimenez Garcia, the ideal law firm is a small boutique with a large reach. After working for years at Ashurst – the international legal behemoth – Daniel was ready for a radical change. He wanted his own small firm but with an international presence to draw in big clients. As a specialist in […]

Daniel JimenezFounder and Head of Litigation and Arbitration Department, SLJ Abogados