Messina Inc. joins IR as the exclusive Mergers & Acquisitions and Energy Law Member in South Africa

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Carlo Messina of Messina Inc.. Carlo has joined IR as our exclusive Mergers & Acquisitions and Energy Law Member in South Africa Messina Incorporated is a firm conducting a specialised commercial legal practice from our offices situated at 269 Oxford Road, Illovo, Johannesburg, […]

Carlo MessinaManaging Director, Messina Incorporated

A warning against using online templates and DIY contracts

We’ve all done it, whether in a personal capacity or for business reasons – searched online for templates:  a will, rental agreement, retainer, divorce settlement agreement, employment agreement, you name it, only to be caught out by a defunct clause or missing information, which can result in horrible consequences.   Besides the fact that many attorneys begin drafting client […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution at the Companies Tribunal of South Africa and its Potential Application to Insolvency

Mediation and arbitration – introduction Mediation is where an independent facilitator assists the parties to reach a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute. A mediator will often assist the parties to identify the outstanding issues, evaluate priorities, agree areas of compromise and suggest potential solutions. Arbitration is where dispute is submitted, by agreement between the […]

In support of its growth strategy, VDMA is pleased to announce the key appointment of Carmen Moss-Holdstock as the Head of Tax.

Carmen’s skill set and years of experience in advising large corporate entities and financial institutions on, inter alia, their domestic, corporate and international tax issues in relation to, group re-organisations, mining, financing, real estate investment trusts and mergers and acquisitions will be highly beneficial to our clients. Carmen also advises and assists clients with their […]

A case for mediation

Mediation should be your first course of action when considering divorce proceedings You know the saying, ‘There are always three sides to a story’ – his version, her version and the truth, none more so than when it comes to divorce and why having a mediator on board to get down to the real stuff […]

Knowing a few legal concepts can save you time and money

Application or Action – know the difference You are not alone if you’ve found yourself caught dumbfounded in the middle of legal-talk between attorneys, simply nodding your head in agreement, quietly hoping things are going your way. Attorneys (like poets) are notorious for losing clients in jargon, often steering clients into unnecessary legal situations. Knowing […]