SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS joins IR as the exclusive Banking & Finance Member in Slovakia

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Jozef Semančín of SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS. Jozef has joined IR as our exclusive Banking & Finance Member in Slovakia. We are a Slovak law firm that offers professional legal advice delivered at the highest international standards. We have a truly international […]

Jozef SemančínPartner, SEMANČÍN & PARTNERS

Andrea Vasiľová participates in the IR Global Guide – A Jurisdictional Guide to Opening a Foreign Bank Account

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers For companies and individuals looking to move into new jurisdictions for business opportunities, setting up a bank account is a crucial part of the process. But this is never as straightforward as it seems. In all countries, banks are obliged to crack down on fraud and any potential financial scullduggery. As […]

Andrea VasiľováPartner, VASIL & Partners

Andrea Vasiľová participates in the IR Global Disputes Virtual Series – COVID-19: Unprecedented Times, Desperate Measures

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers The coronavirus pandemic has caused governments across the world to take measures that impact the movement of people rarely if ever, seen in peacetime before. Understandably, this has adversely affected businesses and created a host of employment law issues in every country. When the first case of coronavirus – or COVID-19 […]

Andrea VasiľováPartner, VASIL & Partners

Company Formations: A jurisdictional guide to setting up a business

QUESTION ONE – What are the most common structures used when international clients want to form a company in your jurisdiction? Any examples? The most common structures used when international clients want to form a com­pany in Slovakia are the limited liability company joint stock company and a branch of a foreign entity, which however […]

Andrea VasiľováPartner, VASIL & Partners

Doing Business in the Slovak Republic – 2018

This paper is intended to guide foreign investors through the business environment in the Slovak Republic. In addition to general information about the Slovak Republic, this paper includes information on establishing a business, investment incentives, employment, competition, intellectual property, taxation, real estate (including construction) and enforcement of law. Section 1, General Information, contains some fundamental […]

Most Common Way of Employing – Establishing of the Limited Liability Company in the Slovak Republic

The most popular way of how to become an employer in the Slovak republic is to establish the business company. The most common form of the Slovak business company is the limited liability company (hereinafter “LLC” or “company”). In this article we would like to provide you with basic information regarding this business company and […]