Poland: Broader Arbitrability of Corporate Disputes and the Draft of New Rules of the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce

In July 2019, amendments to the Civil Procedure Code (“CPC”) were adopted that concerned, inter alia, changes in arbitration and allowed corporate disputes to be resolved by arbitration to a greater extent. In June 2020, the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw (“CAPCC“) published a draft of additional regulations in […]

Krzysztof WróbelSenior Partner, RKKW - KWAŚNICKI, WRÓBEL & Partnerzy

Poland: the economic powerhouse of Eastern Europe

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers During the past two decades the key nations of Central and Eastern European (CEE) have grown significantly following moves to liberalise their economies. On average Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania, to name a few, increased their per capita GDP by 115% between 2004-2020. Employment was at its lowest […]

Robert LewandowskiPartner, DLP Dr Lewandowski & Partners

Indemnification of public-law liabilities in contracts under Polish law

Przegląd Prawa Handlowego 7/2018 Krzysztof Jasiński The paper considers the issue of undertaking to indemnify against public-law liabilities under Polish law. It encompasses the analysis of sources of indemnification clauses in Polish law and the grounds for their application, with reference to their common law’s provenance and position in the Polish contractual relationships. The analysis […]

Krzysztof JasińskiManaging Associate, GESSEL

Success of RKKW’s Client in the Commercial Litigation concerning the expulsion of the shareholder ended with a settlement

RKKW’s Client, the majority shareholder in a limited liability company operating mainly in the trading sector, has obtained security in the commercial litigation concerning the expulsion of the shareholder from the company. Court has recognized that it is justified to suspend the exercise of the opponent’s corporate rights related to his shares. The court has […]

Konrad OleszczukSenior Associate, RKKW - KWAŚNICKI, WRÓBEL & Partnerzy

Commentary to the Polish Supreme Court judgement of 20 December 2017 (case ref I CSK 160/17)

Radca Prawny. Zeszyty naukowe nr 16 Krzysztof Jasiński This paper constitutes a commentary to the Polish Supreme Court’s ruling dated December 20, 2017, in which the possibility to commence a proceeding for establishment of non-existence of a general meeting’s resolution has been confirmed. The author agrees with the Supreme Court ruling, as supporting the view […]

Krzysztof JasińskiManaging Associate, GESSEL

Gloss on the judgment of the Supreme Court of 3 June 2015, court file No. VCSK 592/14 (On the concept of negative resolutions)

Radca Prawny. Zeszyty Naukowe 2/2016 Krzysztof Jasiński This commentary is a critique of the concept of so-called negative resolutions of shareholders of companies adopted by the Supreme Court. The authors examine issues associated with the existence of the aforementioned resolutions and the grounds for distinguishing them in the legal doctrine, as well as the possible […]

Krzysztof JasińskiManaging Associate, GESSEL

Post Covid-19, Financial Market Predictions”

(by Ph.D. Rafał Kusy)(Second Part) Deferred consumer demand and an export boom will be a driving force for the Polish economy in 2021. In the following years, investments shall be deemed a determinant of economic growth. The predictions of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show that activity in the Polish economy, measured […]

Robert LewandowskiPartner, DLP Dr Lewandowski & Partners

Withdrawal from an agreement on transfer of all rights and obligations in a partnership

Przegląd Sądowy Nr 6/2016 Krzysztof Jasiński The article covers the issue of withdrawal from an agreement on transfer of all rights and obligations in a partnership and its implications both for the parties thereto and third parties. The writer analyses the legal frameworks of the right of withdrawal, in particular regarding the polish civil code regulations, […]

Krzysztof JasińskiManaging Associate, GESSEL

Promotions at GESSEL

As 2021 gets underway, GESSEL is proud to announce the implementation of personnel changes at our firm. Three of our experienced colleagues have now become partners:  Michał Bochowicz, advocate, specialises in M&A, private equity and venture capital transactions in the tech, media and telecoms (TMT) and renewable energy sectors, and also in day-to-day business law […]

Marcin MacieszczakManaging partner, attorney at law, GESSEL

Transactional summary of 2020 – GESSEL M&A Yearbook

It is with pleasure that we present to you GESSEL’s fourth transaction yearbook, summarising the work of our firm’s M&A practice in 2020. To state the obvious, developments in corporate M&A over the past year were overshadowed, like all other realms of life, by the Covid-19 pandemic. It would be difficult to overstate the initial shock […]

Marcin MacieszczakManaging partner, attorney at law, GESSEL

Doing Business in Poland 2021

This guide was created to provide foreign investors with basic information on the possibilities of doing business in Poland. In addition to general information about the Polish economy, the guide also includes information on legal bases, regulatory issues and forms of conducting business in Poland, as well as information on taxes, accounting and labor law […]

Jaroslaw KrukManaging Partner, KW KRUK AND PARTNERS LAW FIRM LP