New Bilateral Investment Treaty between Paraguay and The UAE

Paraguay and The UAE are entering into a Bilateral Treaty for the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments (BIT).   The Paraguayan President is traveling to Abu Dhabi next january in order to sign the Treaty.   In order to access to more details, please check the following links:     […]

El Principio “Competence-Competence”; Análisis Comparativo y su Tratamiento en la Legislación de Arbitraje Paraguaya

Spanish Abstract: Este ensayo se centra en el principio de arbitraje internacionalmente conocido como “Competence-Competence”. El autor se refiere a varias legislaciones, así como jurisprudencia, que tratan el principio; asimismo, se analiza cómo es aplicado el mismo en las diferentes jurisdicciones. El autor también hace mención a la legislación paraguaya de arbitraje y a la jurisprudencia […]

Goodbye to the paper-based court proceedings in Paraguayan courts

We are glad to announce a major innovation regarding litigation proceedings having place in Paraguayan courts: the digitalization of commercial cases. Gradually, court proceedings are abandoning the old-fashioned, paper-based handling of cases and are shifting to the implementation of digital court proceedings. The implementation of paperless cases will allows judges, court officials and litigators to […]

ALTRA joins IR as the exclusive Commercial Litigation and Banking & Finance Member Paraguay

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce José A. Moreno Rodríguez of ALTRA. José has joined IR as our exclusive Commercial Litigation and Banking & Finance Member Paraguay. Harvard LL.M, 1993, has acted in many of the most important commercial and financial transactions in Paraguay recently. For example, he […]