Saifullah Khan of S.U.Khan Associates Corporate & Legal Consultants participated in The Art of Deal Making: Using External Expertise Effectively

Foreword by Andrew Chilvers For ambitious companies eager to expand into overseas markets, often theconventional route of organic business development is simply not fast enough. The other option to invest in or buy a business outright is far quicker but often fraught with unforeseen dangers. And even the biggest, most experienced players can get it […]

Global Legal Group (United Kingdom) International Comparative Legal Guide to Data Protection 2020

1. Relevant Legislation and Competent Authorities 1.1 What is the principal data protection legislation? The legislation on data protection is in draft/Bill stage and yet to be passed by Parliament. Its title is the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2020 (“the Bill”). 1.2 Is there any other general legislation that impacts data protection? The Prevention of […]

MONDAQ (United Kingdom) Comparative Guide about International Arbitration

1.1. What is the relevant legislation on arbitration in your jurisdiction? Are there any significant limitations on the scope of the statutory regime – for example, does it govern oral arbitration agreements? The following laws govern arbitration in Pakistan: • the Arbitration Act, 1940; • the Arbitration (International Investment Disputes) Act, 2011; and • the […]

Saifullah Khan participates in the IR Global Guide – Crisis Management: Surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers Businesses across the world are undergoing the biggest remote working experiment since Europeans first sailed from their home ports to set up trading posts in Asia 500 years ago. This time around, however, companies are moving colleagues out of their plush city centre locations to set up offices at home. What […]

Mergers Control & Assessment Process

Merger Control Aims to Check Monopolies Monopolies are generally considered to be anti-consumer for the simple reason that they can become complacent once they haveeliminated the threats posed by competitors. Without competition their products or services can get away with being lower quality, inefficient, lacking innovation, and increasing prices.They can also put hurdles in the […]

Session during UNCTAD’s Annual E-Commerce Week on Public-Private Dialogue to Drive E-Commerce

We would like to share the news with you about an event being organized in April 2018 under auspices of UNCTAD in Geneva, Switzerland on the theme “Development Dimensions of Digital Platforms”. As a part of this important event, one of the sessions; “Public-Private Dialogue to Drive E-Commerce”,  will be conducted (as moderator) by our Managing […]

S.U.Khan Associates joins IR as the exclusive Trade Law & Competition Law Member in Pakistan

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Saifullah Khan of S.U.Khan Associates. Saifullah has joined IR as our exclusive Accounting Services Member in the Czech Republic. We, S.U.Khan Associates were established, in the year 2004, with the aim of providing distinctive range of services to our clients in Pakistan as […]

MR LEGAL INN: Arbitration Laws Update

The Arbitration Act 1940 (Arbitration Act) governs and regulates arbitration proceedings conducted in Pakistan and the enforcement of domestic arbitral awards. The parties are free to adopt procedures of their choice for the conduct of arbitration proceedings. The court, however, plays a pivotal role in the conduct of a domestic arbitration from the appointment to […]

MR LEGAL INN: Employment Law Pakistan

1. How are the Employment Rights protected in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (the “Constitution”)? The Constitution of Pakistan contains a range of provisions with regards to employment rights found in Part II: Fundamental Rights and Principles of Policy.(a) Article 11 prohibits all forms of slavery, forced labour and child labour;(b) Article […]