Doreen Hartwell participates in the IR Global Disputes Virtual Series – Technology & Disputes: The impact of new technology on litigation and dispute resolution

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers For the legal sector, COVID-19 has been a huge catalyst for change globally. Overnight, almost all legal advisors decamped en masse from their expensive mid-town and city offices to their homes to work. Personal meetings suddenly disappeared to be replaced by virtual meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. As the UK […]

Doreen HartwellPartner, Hartwell Thalacker, LTD.

Hartwell Thalacker, Ltd. meet with The Torrey Firm

Members Rebecca Torrey (The Torrey Firm) and Laura Thalacker (Hartwell Thalacker, Ltd.) enjoyed an outdoor, socially distanced visit on August 15th while Rebecca was traveling.  Rebecca and Laura, respectively, are the California and Nevada Labor & Employment members for IR and, through the network, have worked closely together on several matters and frequently collaborate.  

Laura ThalackerFounding Member, Hartwell Thalacker, LTD.

Nevada has given businesses liability protection for COVID-claims – BUT it is NOT absolute.

In the wee hours of August 6, 2020, the Nevada Legislature passed SB4 – a law affording certain protections to businesses from COVID-claims.  There are several things you need to know and, more importantly, do to protect your business. Under SB4, most for profit and non-profit businesses (except private healthcare facilities and public schools) are given greater […]

Aviva Y. GordonPartner, Gordon Law

Laura Thalacker participates in the IR Virtual Series – Shock Of The New: What is the impact of the gig economy on the traditional workplace?

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers Whenever the gig economy comes up in conversation, app-based technology companies such as Uber usually get a mention as the emerging business models for ‘gig’ workers. And while these new ‘gig’ business models are changing the way people work, many jurisdictions are resisting the changes taking place. Back in the pre-COVID-19 […]

Laura ThalackerFounding Member, Hartwell Thalacker, LTD.

Naylor & Braster joins IR as the exclusive Construction Law Member in US – Nevada

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce John M. Naylor of Naylor & Braster. John has joined IR as our exclusive Construction Law member in US – Nevada. Combined, John Naylor and Jennifer Braster have been practicing attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada for more than 30 years.  John and Jennifer routinely appear before […]

John M. NaylorPartner, Naylor & Braster

Laura J. Thalacker participates in the IR Global Disputes Virtual Series – COVID-19: Unprecedented Times, Desperate Measures

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers The coronavirus pandemic has caused governments across the world to take measures that impact the movement of people rarely if ever, seen in peacetime before. Understandably, this has adversely affected businesses and created a host of employment law issues in every country. When the first case of coronavirus – or COVID-19 […]

Laura ThalackerFounding Member, Hartwell Thalacker, LTD.

A Message From Aviva

My friends,   I know this is a challenging time for many of us. The combination of health concerns, financial challenges, and not knowing when it will end has created a lot of uncertainty and to some even fear. Whenever I have felt that way, substantive and accurate information has always helped — and I […]

Aviva Y. GordonPartner, Gordon Law