Have you received a payment notification from Customs? View, objection and appeal

Every day, thousands of goods are imported into the European Union by importers and customs agents from so-called third countries. Goods imported from outside the European Union must be “cleared through customs” in order to bring the goods into free circulation. This means that you as an importer usually have to pay import duties, among […]

John WolfsManaging Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Leo Oudshoorn participates in the IR Global Employment Working Virtual Series Home Work: The challenges of cross border remote working

The past year has witnessed a huge remote working experiment for many of the world’s businesses and their employees as a result of Covid-19. And, for many, these new working practices have become hugely complex depending on where in the world business owners and employees have suddenly found themselves. Almost overnight, people are in uncertain […]

Leo OudshoornSenior Manager, Zirkzee Group

Jaap Vreugdenhil participates in the IR Global Real Estate Virtual Series – Real Estate Recovery: Bouncing back after the global pandemic

FOREWORD BY EDITOR, ANDREW CHILVERS As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt businesses across the world, one of the biggest debates being played out is the future of property – in the city centres and suburbs; in office space, commercial and residential. Just what will the world of real estate look like at the end […]

Jaap VreugdenhilAttorney at Law, Synergy Business Lawyers

Battle of forms: how do you know which general terms and conditions apply?

A recurring question in the commercial business (B2B) is which general terms and conditions apply. An important legal question. Often both the principal and the contractor will (afterwards) invoke its own general terms and conditions. This conflict is referred to by the term ‘the battle of forms’. In this blog I will discuss the question […]

John WolfsManaging Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Wolfs Advocaten and Everest Law working together

IR member Stéphane Bertouille of Everest Law in Brussels, Belgium, introduced our office to a French client. This client, an international company, wants to establish a business in the Dutch market. In this context, our office was asked to check the general terms and conditions used by the aforementioned company on Dutch law and, if […]

John WolfsManaging Director, Wolfs Advocaten

Theo Coulen participates in the IR Global Guide – Getting to know the UBO & selecting the right advisor

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers When the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive was introduced into law by the UK and EU in January 2020, for many professionals it was a much needed addition to legislation that would significantly help business transparency and combat money laundering. In essence, it was good for business and for public and professional […]

Theo CoulenPartner, Maprima