Health legal study Jointly provided by Taher Group Law Firm and Kuwait Medical International on occupational health and safety controls in private sector activities Under the pandemic conditions of the Corona Virus (COVID – 19) disease

Taher Group Law Firm and Kuwait Medical International has published a brief legal study reviewing the health and occupational safety regulations that should be observed by employers, workers, and clients/customers in the private sector, and in those particular sectors that are allowed to conduct their business under conditions of a global pandemic threat, which are […]

Legal study and analytical research on the exceptional circumstances the country is going through with the emergence and spread of the Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19)

Taher Group Law Firm has the honor to submit to your Excellency this legal research that it has prepared in accordance with the exceptional circumstances the country is going through on the local and international level as a result of the emergence and spread of Corona Virus (COVID-19) on the global level and its impact […]

Doing Business in Kuwait: Overview

Fawaz Alkhateeb of Taher Group recently took part in a Q&A that gives an overview of key recent developments affecting doing business in Kuwait as well as an introduction to the legal system; foreign investment, including restrictions, currency regulations and incentives; and business vehicles and their relevant restrictions and liabilities. The article also summarises the laws […]

Luxury residence in the Mediterranean (Italy)

One of our Clients operating in the constructions and luxury real estate field, has designed a wonderful luxury residence in a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast of Italy. All authorizations and needed documentation have properly been prepared and approved. The deal encompasses apartments, shops, restaurants and a hotel. We are looking for a potential […]

Dr. Pierino PostacchiniChartered Accountant, Auditor, BP&A, Finance and Business consulting

Kuwait Legal System

The Kuwait Legal System is based on Civil Law Jurisdiction. This is because the Kuwaiti Laws are derived from the Egyptian Laws, which are in turn derived from the French Law. The Court system in Kuwait is divided into six main divisions, namely – Family, Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Leases and Administrative. There are three levels […]