Sipka & Simon Association of Lawyers joins IR as the exclusive Employment Law (Corporate) Member in Hungary

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Dr. Peter Sipka PhD., LLM of Sipka & Simon Association of Lawyers. Peter has joined IR as our exclusive Employment Law (Corporate) member in Hungary. Peter Sipka has been working as an attorney since 2009. His specializations are labour law and […]

dr. Peter Sipka PhD., LLMPartner, Sipka & Simon Association of Lawyers

Guide to the Hungarian maze of IP enforcement

As an IP right holder, you have probably encountered the negative effects of IP infringing activities. Moreover, infringements have been rising. According to “The 2021 Trademark Ecosystem Report: Global insights into the optimization of trademark value, protection and technology” by Clarivate CompuMark, trademark infringements continue to rise: 89% of respondents reported trademark infringement, and 50% […]

Dr. Roberta PálPartner, Mihalics Law Firm

Determine the applicable law to contractual obligations

The case below provides guidance on the maze of applicable law in the absence of choice according to Hungarian practice Background In 2012, the parties signed an English-language contract in London, according to which the defendant owed the plaintiff USD 1,000,000 in cash and USD 1,500,000 in real estate as a result of their cooperation […]

Dr. Roberta PálPartner, Mihalics Law Firm

A short study about crowdfunding by dr. Balázs FERENCZY, the Head of our Banking & Finance Team

In the early stages of the lifecycle of modern, mostly technology companies, there is no final product, no organization, no go-to-market strategy, no sales; there is only one idea, and from the scarce resources temporarily provided by families or friends, to business angels (angel investors) or venture capital and, in the more mature stage, bank […]

Sándor HabóczkyPartner, Kapolyi Law Firm

The pandemic may accelerate the spread of electronic procedures in Hungary

dr. Dániel Endre NAGY The pandemic brought significant changes both in the everyday and work lives of people: the use of home office became widespread, while communication is conducted through phone, emails and video conferences. Concurrently for official matters, such as signing contracts and doing banking administration, a person’s signature and personal presence are often […]

Sándor HabóczkyPartner, Kapolyi Law Firm

Competition law in the age of Coronavirus: state-owned venture capital and private equity funds may acquire companies more easily

author: dr. Katinka TÖLGYES Significant relief was granted to directly or indirectly state-owned venture capital and private equity funds which, individually or jointly with another company, acquire management rights in a company for investment protection purposes. During the period of the emergency, for transactions in which the acquired company was in a difficult situation as a […]

Sándor HabóczkyPartner, Kapolyi Law Firm

Coronavirus: companies can receive state aid in these five categories according to the European Commission’s resolution

author: dr. Katinka TÖLGYES With respect to the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the European Commission has mitigated its position related to state aid and has temporarily amended the framework in the light of the crisis. The competition law expert of Kapolyi Law Firm summarized the most important information in this regard and […]

Gábor HorváthSenior Attorney at Law, Kapolyi Law Firm

Force majeure and MAC/MAE clauses during the period of Covid-19 in Hungary

author: dr. Balázs József FERENCZY What force majeure means? Force majeure (in the Hungarian legal language: “vis maior”) is a legal institution dating back to Roman law, and “means a force or event that human weakness cannot resist.”[1] The legal literature includes both overwhelming natural forces, such as earthquakes, floods, shipwrecks, other natural disasters, and certain […]

Sándor HabóczkyPartner, Kapolyi Law Firm

Financial Arbitration – Expanding Possibilities

A new provision of the Hungarian Arbitration Act entered into force on 1 January 2021, which may attract the attention of investors. The stipulation of arbitration proceedings in consumer contracts was generally prohibited until the end of the last year. However, this prohibition, which is intended to ensure the better protection of consumer interests, is […]

Sándor HabóczkyPartner, Kapolyi Law Firm

Group financing: despite legislative changes conservative approach is recommended

Frequent question on management meetings is whether lending in group financing structures would be possible for parent companies or real estate funds for purposes of development or acquiring assets, following the amendment of the definition on group financing set forth in Act CCXXXVII of 2013 on Credit Institutions and Financial Undertakings (Hpt.) effective as of […]

Gábor HorváthSenior Attorney at Law, Kapolyi Law Firm