Real Estate Greece – Covid 19 November 2021

Real Estate Greece – Covid 19 July 2021 Which areas in Athens will be upgraded. The real estate market in the center of Athens is entering a new phase, because a series of interventions, renovations and large projects that are being launched are expected to change the view of the capital. Is not accidental that […]

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New Horizons:

How external counsel can help you explore and secure market entry opportunities

IR Global members offer jurisdiction-specific advice on how external counsel can help you explore & secure market entry opportunities.  The global Covid-19 pandemic may not be over, but business leaders […]

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Atlas Consulting PC joins IR as the exclusive Company Formations in Greece

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa of Atlas Consulting PC. Sousana has joined IR as our exclusive Company Formations member in Greece. Sousana is the Chief Business & Value Officer of Atlas Consulting. She is a Certified Tax Accountant and Certified Financial Consultant. She is a […]

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Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa

Chief Business & Value Officer, Atlas Consulting PC

D.K. Avgitidis & Associates Law Firm joins IR as the exclusive Insolvency Member in Greece

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Dimitris Avgitidis of D.K. Avgitidis & Associates. Dimitris has joined IR as our exclusive Insolvency Member in Greece. Dimitris Avgitidis is managing partner of our firm and a Professor of Commercial Law in the Law Faculty of ‘’Democritus University of Thrace’’, where […]

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Remote Working And GDPR

Pandemic has introduced or accelerated new approaches in employment, remote working being one of them. This new field presents several issues, one of them being linked with Employers concern to monitor Employee while teleworking. Installing a software in the computer used by the employee aiming to check his activity, seems to be rather strict for […]

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Joint Liability Of The “Administrators” Of Legal Entities

By virtue of the Circular No. Ε.2173/ 2020 of the Independent Authority of Public Revenue it is clarified inter alia that article 50 of L. 4174/2013 (Code of Fiscal Procedure), hereinafter the “Regulation”, which provides -under certain prerequisites- the personal and joint liability of the “administrators” of legal entities (e.g. executive Presidents, administrators, CEOs, liquidators […]

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Residence Visa/ Self Financial Support

Greece, among other jurisdictions, provides a Residence Visa scheme, entitling beneficiaries thereof to a residence visa enabling them to travel within Schengen countries. Two pillars of this scheme are investment and property acquisition. However, they are not the only ones. Another alternative for a resident of a third country to obtain the residence visa is […]

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The New Bankruptcy Law

The draft Code of “Settlement of Debts and Granting of a Second Chance” is expected to replace entirely the existing Bankruptcy Code. The statute of bankruptcy revocation, falls into the provisions which are expected to be amended with the draft Code. More specifically, with respect to the compulsory revoked actions, the current legislation provides that […]

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Fresh S.A. Law On Related Party Transactions

The fresh law on S.A. companies (L. 4548/2018) amends broadly the regime on related party transactions, i.e. transactions with parties that could exercise control or illicit influence towards the company. Thus, pursuant to the fresh law, the competent corporate body for the granting of permission for related party transactions is in principle the Board of […]

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