On 19th March 2021, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (‘IRAS’) published the e-Tax Guide – Transfer Pricing Guidelines Special Topic on Centralised Activities in Multinational Enterprise Groups (‘e-Tax Guide’) in Singapore. The e Tax Guide aims at providing guidance on how to analyse the related party transactions and the transfer pricing methods that may […]

Atul DeshmukhLead Partner, KNAV

Tax Treatment Of Transaction Costs Incurred In Re-Organization Transactions- Us

In today’s fast paced global economy, such is the increase in the scale of corporate acquisitions, re-organizations and liquidations that these transactions are almost synonymous with normal business activity now. Companies incur millions of dollars in professional and advisory fees paid to bankers, attorneys, accountants, and other service providers in connection with corporate transactions. Hence, […]

Rajesh C KhairajaniPartner, KNAV

Viraj Bhogle of KNAV participated in The Art of Deal Making: Using External Expertise Effectively

Foreword by Andrew Chilvers For ambitious companies eager to expand into overseas markets, often theconventional route of organic business development is simply not fast enough. The other option to invest in or buy a business outright is far quicker but often fraught with unforeseen dangers. And even the biggest, most experienced players can get it […]

Atul DeshmukhLead Partner, KNAV

R.L. Jennings & Associates joins IR as the exclusive Audit & Assurance Services Member in US – Georgia

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Lee Jennings, CPA, CGMA, CFCA of R.L. Jennings & Associates. Lee has joined IR as our exclusive Audit & Assurance Services Member in US – Georgia. RL Jennings & Associates, PC was founded to meet the needs of businesses and individuals in […]

Lee Jennings, CPA, CGMA, CFCAManaging Partner, R.L. Jennings & Associates

Register – Webinar | Best Practices for New Lease Accounting Adoption | 22nd September 2020 – 11:00AM to 12:30PM EST

KNAV in association with LeaseQuery is inviting you to a webinar on “Best Practices for New Lease Accounting Adoption” COURSE DESCRIPTION: The new lease standard, ASC 842 and IFRS 16, will substantially alter how companies account for leases in their financial statements. This new standard will affect any entity that enters a lease and will […]

Rajesh C KhairajaniPartner, KNAV