Gorrissen Federspiel joins IR as the exclusive Insolvency Member in Denmark

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Pierre Martin Ellegaard Adolfsen of Gorrissen Federspiel. Pierre has joined IR as our exclusive Insolvency Member in Denmark. I specialise in collections and providing advice on insolvency and restructuring proceedings. This work involves participation in bankruptcy court meetings and the practical […]

Pierre Martin Ellegaard AdolfsenAttorney, Gorrissen Federspiel

Fine issued after sensitive personal data disclosed on website

The Swedish DPA, Datainspektionen, has issued a fine of approx EUR 11,400 (SEK 120,000) to Swedish county Örebro (located halfway between Gothenburg and Stockholm) for disclosing sensitive personal data on the county’s website about a patient admitted to a forensic psychiatric clinic.    Datainspektionen’s review of the incident showed that sensitive personal data by mistake […]

Henrik Christian StrandAssociate Partner, Holst, Advokater

The Danish DPA passes severe criticism due to incomplete risk assessment

The Danish DPA has severely criticised that the Danish National Agency for IT and Learning failed to implement measures appropriate to identify the level of risk of an IT program (“Den Digitale Prøvevagt”) designed to prevent cheating during exams.   In March 2019, a final test run of the IT program was made, at which 8,000 […]

Henrik Christian StrandAssociate Partner, Holst, Advokater

Video surveillance of tenant’s front door being investigated

The Swedish DPA, Datainspektionen, has initiated an investigation of a housing company following a complaint from a tenant.   The tenant claims that the housing company has installed a surveillance camera in a stairway pointing directly at the tenant’s front door. In general, there must be significant reasons why a housing company should set up a […]

Henrik Christian StrandAssociate Partner, Holst, Advokater

Denmark Post-COVID

Denmark is gradually gaining control over the novel Coronavirus. However, its consequences will have a huge impact on the country’s political economy in the coming years. Here are five issues to follow closely.  Support for the Government  The popularity of the current Social Democratic government has skyrocketed in recent months, with the Social Democrats now […]

Neil SmithInternational Tax Lawyer, Nordeq Management A/S

Danish job portal reported to the police by the DPA and should expect a fine amounting to EUR 6,700

Danish job portal, JobTeam A/S, received a request for access from a data subject upon which the company chose to delete the personal data and then denied the request for access.   By doing so, JobTeam A/S prevented the data subject from checking whether the person in question through the Danish DPA and the courts had […]

Henrik Christian StrandAssociate Partner, Holst, Advokater

BroBizz A/S discloses personal data to unauthorized persons

BroBizz A/S (Danish business developing and managing the BroBizz® concept, which ensures automatic payment on bridges, ferries and toll roads, and in car parks etc) has become subject to serious criticism from the Danish DPA in three cases where Brobizz A/S in connection with replying to customer inquiries disclosed personal data, including information about location […]

Henrik Christian StrandAssociate Partner, Holst, Advokater

2,400 local authority workers in a Danish municipality had access to documents containing personal data in 400,000 cases

The Danish Data Protection Agency (DPA) has expressed serious criticism in a case where the Danish Municipality of Kolding, since 2012, has been processing documents containing personal data in about 400,000 cases without taking appropriate technical and organisational measures. The municipality has been using an electronic system for document handling (ESDH) for a number of years. […]

Henrik Christian StrandAssociate Partner, Holst, Advokater