The Aspen Trust Group named “Leading Service Providers” for Cyprus International Film Production Incentives

PRESS RELEASE—The Aspen Trust Group was recently named by the Washington Times in a news article as a leader among corporate service providers with an eye for the “unrealized” potential of Cyprus as the next big film production destination. The international film production incentives offered by the Cypriot government provide huge financial advantages for film production […]

Marina ZevedeouCEO, Aspen Trust Group

Cyprus And Russia Agree On A Protocol To Amend The Double Tax Treaty Between Them As From 1st January 2021

CYPRUS AND RUSSIA AGREE ON A PROTOCOL TO AMEND THE DOUBLE TAX TREATY BETWEEN THEM AS FROM 1ST JANUARY 2021 The agreement was concluded on the 10th of August 2020, between the Cypriot Finance Minister Mr Constantinos Petridis and the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Mr Alexei Overchuk. The two main changes increase the withholding tax […]

Stelios AmericanosManaging Partner Advocate-Corporate and Commercial, Stelios Americanos & Co LLC

Employer And Employee Contributions And Deductions For The Year 2020

Social Insurance Fund:The rate of contribution, as of 01.01.2020, for employed persons is 21.5% of their “insurable earnings”. Out of this rate, 8.3% is payable by the employer, 8.3% by the employee, while a further 4.9% is payable by the State (maximum insurable earnings are €1.055 gross weekly income or €4.572 gross monthly income). As […]

Panayiotis DamianouManaging Director, PD Audit

The Rewards of Corporate Restructuring with a Cyprus Company

   Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, the island of Cyprus is one of the most favorable jurisdictions to consider for corporate restructuring and relocation. There are many benefits to restructuring a private company into a Cyprus company including tax optimization and business environment advantages. The Aspen Trust Group examines the reasons behind most corporate restructuring efforts […]

Marina ZevedeouCEO, Aspen Trust Group

Protect Your Assets with a Cyprus International Trust

  A Cyprus International Trust is one of the most attractive ways to protect your assets. The establishment of international trusts and its related legal frameworks allow individuals to plan for the transferring of accumulated wealth to other family members or Group companies with specific instructions. This vehicle of wealth protection and transferring of assets […]

Marina ZevedeouCEO, Aspen Trust Group

Cyprus amongst the World’s Safest Countries

Cyprus remains one of the safest countries to visit, work and live despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Cyprus established itself as a consistent international and regional business centre and is also praised for the efficient reaction and handling of the pandemic which should reassure visitors, investors and residents making plans to visit the island for business […]

Stella StratiGeneral Manager, Pagecorp Group

Stable Coins got the “green light” from DUMA in Moscow

On 22 July 2020, the State of Duma in Moscow adopted, in the third and final reading, a new legislation about Digital Financial Assets (DFAs), Digital Currency and Amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation. According to the new law, “cryptocurrency” is defined as a set of e-data in an information system, which […]

Stelios AmericanosManaging Partner Advocate-Corporate and Commercial, Stelios Americanos & Co LLC

The startup ecosystem of Cyprus. The startup visa and growth sectors in Cyprus.

If you consider starting a business, relocate your business for any reason such as settling a gateway to Europe or Middle East, Cyprus is a destination than can facilitate the growth of your tech startup or other kind of business. A Cyprus company offers numerous advantages for startups to consider the country as their base […]

Andreas GeorgiouManaging Director, SPL Audit (Cyprus) Limited

The Non-Dom Rules of Cyprus

Aiming to increase the overall competitiveness and fairness of the tax system for foreign nationals, the Cyprus government introduced the concepts of ‘domicile’ and ‘non-domicile’ (Non-Dom) through an amendment of the Special Contribution for the Defence of the Republic of Cyprus Law of 2002 (SDC Law) in July of 2015.  The Aspen Trust Group explores how the Non-Dom […]

Marina ZevedeouCEO, Aspen Trust Group