Must you Perform Your Contract During the Pandemic?

Businesses want to know how this halt will affect performance of contracts they have entered into. In other words, does the novel coronavirus constitute a reason relieving parties from their contractual obligations? he novel coronavirus has swept across the United States. Many have been sickened, and some have died. Colorado has not been spared. There […]

Geoffrey BluePrincipal, Geoffrey Blue Law Firm

The Geoffrey Blue Law Firm obtained another success recently

One of its developer clients was sued for a significant amount of damages, including the placement of a baseless lien on its property. After asserting aggressive counterclaims, including asserting the plaintiff filed a fraudulent lien, and litigating the matter for several months, the opposing party capitulated. We showed its claims were unfounded and that our […]

Geoffrey BluePrincipal, Geoffrey Blue Law Firm

Brian Meegan of Evergent Law meets with Graham Brown of Liuming International

Brian Meegan of Evergent Law recently dined with Graham Brown of Liuming International. Brian says: “Recently, three powerful individuals gathered to bridge the two largest economies on the planet. I am happy to report that, over a lovely dinner, the two IR member firms were able to successfully resolve the trade issues between their countries […]

Brian MeeganManaging Member, Evergent Law

Can You Trademark a 3-D Shape?

Trademark law is an extremely complicated topic for business owners, but it’s also one of the most essential parts of protecting your business branding efforts and your intellectual property. Trademarking your name or logo ensures that consumers aren’t confused by deceivingly similar designs, allowing you to safeguard your brand and image. However, one issue continues […]

Steven WeiglerFounder, EmergeCounsel

IR Digital Podcast – Cannabusiness: How to navigate large-scale transactions in the rapidly growing cannabis market

IR Digital Podcast host Jennifer Riggins speaks with Donnie Emmi from Hunsaker | Emmi, P.C. in Colorado, US – Donnie and Jennifer discuss the Cannabis industry, how to navigate large-scale transactions in the rapidly growing cannabis market and how the sector has developed in the US and globally. Donnie Emmi is an experienced lawyer committed […]

Donnie EmmiPartner, Hoban Law Group

Thermal Pipe Shields Brings Federal Antitrust Lawsuit Against Johns Manville for Monopolization and Disparagement in the Calsil Insulation Market

Mar. 25, LA JOLLA, CALIF.: Thermal Pipe Shields, an innovator in the pipe insulation industry, recently filed an antitrust lawsuit against the dominant supplier, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) company Johns Manville Corporation. Before Thermal Pipe Shields entered the market, Johns Manville had the market to itself. In independent tests, Thermal Pipe Shields’ product met or exceeded […]

Geoffrey BluePrincipal, Geoffrey Blue Law Firm

USPTO announces new trademark rule requiring foreign-domiciled applicants and registrants to have a U.S.-licensed attorney

WASHINGTON – The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today announced a new rule requiring all foreign-domiciled trademark applicants, registrants, and parties to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings to be represented by an attorney who is licensed to practice law in the United States. The requirement applies to all trademark applicants, registrants, and […]

Steven WeiglerFounder, EmergeCounsel

EmergeCounsel joins IR as the exclusive IP – Trademark & Copyright Member in US – Colorado

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Steven Weigler of EmergeCounsel. Steven has joined IR as our exclusive IP – Trademark & Copyright Member in US – Colorado. EmergeCounsel’s focus areas are in the protection of intellectual property and business assets. Our clients are worldwide. Our TOTALTM® and AMAZON SELLERSservices provide trademark guidance, […]

Steven WeiglerFounder, EmergeCounsel

CYBER MARKET PULSE – Issues, Alerts, and Opportunities from eosedge Legal

This is the first topic for the CYBER MARKET PULSE, a series from us at eosedge Legal – Strategic Partner of IR Global offering commentary about cyber risks and the marketplace. Today we are sharing a piece that offers insights about the changing legal landscape. To be precise, there are emerging legal regimes that are […]

Douglas M. DePeppeAttorney, Founding Member, eosedge Legal

Harold R.Bruno III argues a case in the Wyoming Supreme Court

On May 15, I argued a case in the Wyoming Supreme Court.  The Board of Directors of my client, a national franchisor of quick service Mexican restaurants, had terminated its top three executives for violating their employment agreements.  In particular, these three executives had been diverting their “time, attention, knowledge and skill” to another franchise […]