Cayman Islands Foundation Companies

The Cayman Foundation Company (the “Foundation Company“) is governed by the Companies Law (2020 Revision) (the “Law“) of the Cayman Islands except as specified in The Foundation Companies Law, 2017.  The Foundation Company is a not for profit body corporate having separate legal personality and may be established for any lawful purpose including commercial and […]

Janet FrancisPartner, FrancisGrey

Cayman Funds – Registration Deadline For Limited Investor Funds

As at 7 February 2020 (the “Commencement Date“), the exemption from registration for Limited Investor Funds i.e. funds which have its equity interests held by fifteen (15) or fewer investors, a majority of which have the ability to appoint or remove the fund’s operators[1],  was removed following the passage of the Mutual Funds (Amendment) Law, […]

Janet FrancisPartner, FrancisGrey

Changes To Regulatory Requirements For “Section 4(4)” Investment Funds

The Mutual Funds (Amendment) Law, 2020 of the Cayman Islands (the “Amendment Law“)  was brought into law on 7 February 2020. The Amendment Law has removed the exemption from regulation for Section 4(4) investment funds  i.e. investment funds which have its equity interests held by fifteen (15) or fewer investors, a majority of which have […]

Janet FrancisPartner, FrancisGrey

Cherry Bridges participates in IR Global Virtual Series: Freezing Assets – The mechanics behind cross-border injunctions

IR Global’s exclusive Commercial Litigation member in the Cayman Islands, Cherry Bridges of Ritch & Conolly, recently participated in one of IR Global’s Virtual Round Table Series Publications entitled ‘Freezing Assets – The mechanics behind cross-border injunctions’. This feature examined the injunction process from the perspective of 10 legal experts in the area of commercial dispute […]

Cherry BridgesPartner, Ritch & Conolly

Broadhurst LLC joins IR as the exclusive Corporate Law Member in Cayman Islands

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Jeffrey Johnstone of Broadhurst LLC. Jeffrey has joined IR as our exclusive Corporate Law Member in the Cayman Islands. Jeffrey D. Johnstone is a senior attorney with expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, secured lending, private equity and venture capital transactions, […]

Jeffrey D. JohnstoneAssociate Partner, BROADHURST LLC

Broadhurst LLC Add New Practice Area in Corporate Law to their IR Global Membership.

Your fellow members; Broadhurst LLC the exclusive Insolvency Member in the Cayman Islands, is pleased to announce an addition of a new practice area of Corporate Law to their IR Global membership. This new position adds further strength to their membership and offers further support for fellow members in the area. Kyle Broadhurst will be the […]

Kyle BroadhurstDirector, BROADHURST LLC

Worldwide Freezing Orders: Court tightens its control over willfully evasive judgment debtors

Until the Court of Appeal’s recent decision in Michael Wilson & Partners Ltd v Emmott [2019] EWCA Civ 219 a commonplace feature of worldwide freezing orders has been the exemption permitting the respondent whose assets are otherwise frozen to continue making payments in the ordinary course of business. This exception is known as the “Angel Bell” exception.  […]

Kyle BroadhurstDirector, BROADHURST LLC

Kyle Broadhurst Attends IR Global Annual Conference 2018

Kyle Broadhurst, Partner at Broadhurst LLC Attorneys-at-Law, recently traveled to London to attend the IR Global annual conference, the leading professional network for legal, financial and corporate services.    This highly anticipated event, attended by over 300 professionals was a great opportunity for Kyle to converse with old colleagues and network with new members. The attendees were able to […]

Kyle BroadhurstDirector, BROADHURST LLC

IR Digital – In conversation with Jeffrey Liesemer and Kyle Broadhurst – Toronto ‘On the Road’ 2018

During the IR Global ‘On the road’ conference in Toronto (May 2018), Jeffrey Liesemer (Member of Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered, United States) and Kyle Broadhurst (Director of Broadhurst LLC, Cayman Islands) sat down to discuss their respective international insolvency practices and the main insolvency procedures in their respective jurisdictions. To view the video in full please […]

Kyle BroadhurstDirector, BROADHURST LLC

What remedies do you use to identify, secure and realise assets in Cayman Islands, in order to maximise returns to creditors? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

The Cayman Islands is a Commonwealth jurisdiction so the remedies that are available here are similar to those available in England and Canada. If the debtor is a Cayman company an application could be made to place the company into liquidation. There are different grounds upon which such an application can be brought but a […]

Kyle BroadhurstDirector, BROADHURST LLC