Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc. partners with Nigerian firm Deepleef Resources Limited.

IR Global Member Nevin Sanli, President and Founder of Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc. (SP&H) announces that SP&H has strategically partnered with Nigerian firm Deepleef Resources Limited.  Since 1992, Sanli Pastore & Hill’s team has been sought-after for special situations requiring expert financial opinions in high-stakes circumstances. We provide expert opinions in transactions.  SP&H, with […]

Nevin Sanli, ASAPresident & Founder, Sanli Pastore & Hill

IR Global Employment Lawyers discuss: ‘Adaptability: The only true pandemic-proof contingency plan’

Rebecca Torrey, Shilpen Savani and Rachida el Johari take part in our most recent podcast discussing ‘Adaptability: The only true pandemic-proof contingency plan’, hosted by our podcast host, Jennifer Riggins. Rebecca, Shilpen, Rachida and Jennifer discuss how the global pandemic has shaped the advice and support they are giving their clients during this testing time and how […]

Rebecca TorreyPartner, The Torrey Firm

What is the Twombly Motion-to-Dismiss Standard for Antitrust Cases? Comparing the Ninth and Second Circuits

Author: Luis Blanquez As a long-standing antitrust attorney in Europe, making the decision to move from Madrid to San Diego a few years ago to practice law in the U.S. has been a life-changing experience. Both personally and professionally. Learning from other cultures, colleagues, and languages is something I strongly recommend to everyone. It opens your mind and […]

Jarod BonaPartner, Bona Law PC

The State Action Doctrine for Federal Constitutional Claims

The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, as a general rule, only regulates and restricts government action. It does not cover private individuals, organizations, or businesses. This means that a person can only bring a claim for a violation of their constitutional rights against a “state actor.” Much of the time, the State Action […]

Jarod BonaPartner, Bona Law PC

California Supreme Court Confirms Independent Wrongfulness Requirement for Certain Tortious Interference Claims and Clarifies Section 16600 Standard

Competitors battle in the marketplace and sometimes battle in the courts. Bona Law is an antitrust and competition boutique law firm, but most people think of the “competition” part of that description as redundant to the antitrust label. That is not a surprise because outside of the United States, most people refer to antitrust law as […]

Jarod BonaPartner, Bona Law PC

California Supreme Court Provides Seven-Factor Test for Motions to Quash Criminal Subpoenas

On August 13, 2020, the Supreme Court of California issued its decision in Facebook, Inc. v. Superior Court (Lance Touchstone), S245203, which examines the enforceability of third-party subpoenas issued by criminal defendants in California. Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye, who authored the opinion on behalf of a unanimous Court (as well as a separate concurring opinion), stated that “there […]

Hartwell Thalacker, Ltd. meet with The Torrey Firm

Members Rebecca Torrey (The Torrey Firm) and Laura Thalacker (Hartwell Thalacker, Ltd.) enjoyed an outdoor, socially distanced visit on August 15th while Rebecca was traveling.  Rebecca and Laura, respectively, are the California and Nevada Labor & Employment members for IR and, through the network, have worked closely together on several matters and frequently collaborate.  

Laura ThalackerFounding Member, Hartwell Thalacker, LTD.

Can My Farm Cooperative Impose Production Restraints During Covid-19 Without Violating the Antitrust Laws?

Author: Aaron Gott and Nick McNamara As the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple across all sectors of the economy, agriculture has been hit especially hard. The widespread closure of restaurants combined with the general hit on most Americans’ wallets has precipitated a massive demand shock, which in turn has sent the prices of agricultural products […]

Aaron GottOf Counsel, Bona Law PC