Talking Politics Climate Change and the Greening of DC and CA

With climate change policy at the center of the Biden-Harris agenda, what impacts and opportunities will we see during the next four years, nationally and in California? Join us for a one-hour nonpartisan panel discussion with an experienced group of Manatt professionals from our government and regulatory and environmental law teams. The panelists will discuss […]

Antitrust Boutique Bona Law Adds Two Prominent Biglaw Antitrust Attorneys to its Team

Bona Law is pleased to announce Jim Lerner and Pat Pascarella have joined the firm as partners. Jim will be based at the firm’s New York office while Pat will launch the firm’s newest office in Dallas, Texas. Pat joins Bona Law from Kilpatrick Townsend. His experience ranges from antitrust litigation and counseling to representing clients before enforcement and regulatory agencies […]

Jarod BonaPartner, Bona Law PC

Sixth Circuit Holds CDC’s Eviction Moratorium Likely Ultra Vires and Unenforceable

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals held earlier this week that the CDC is unlikely to prevail on the merits and therefore a ruling from the Western District of Tennessee holding that the federal eviction moratorium “is ultra vires; and is unenforceable in the Western District of Tennessee” would not be stayed pending appeal. The ruling is a serious […]

Rebecca Torrey participates in the IR Global Employment Working Virtual Series Home Work: The challenges of cross border remote working

The past year has witnessed a huge remote working experiment for many of the world’s businesses and their employees as a result of Covid-19. And, for many, these new working practices have become hugely complex depending on where in the world business owners and employees have suddenly found themselves. Almost overnight, people are in uncertain […]

Rebecca TorreyPartner, The Torrey Firm

Did Antitrust Kill the Radio Star?

Author: Jon Cieslak Many guitarists and rock music fans have recently gotten to know Rick Beato. Beato is a musician, music producer, and, most recently, a YouTube personality. He regularly produces YouTube videos about a variety of music topics, headlined by his most well-known series, What Makes This Song Great?, which breaks down and discusses popular songs. He also […]

Jarod BonaPartner, Bona Law PC

Jordan E. Ondatje participates in the IR Global Real Estate Virtual Series – Real Estate Recovery: Bouncing back after the global pandemic

FOREWORD BY EDITOR, ANDREW CHILVERS As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt businesses across the world, one of the biggest debates being played out is the future of property – in the city centres and suburbs; in office space, commercial and residential. Just what will the world of real estate look like at the end […]

Robert W. BlanchardCo-Founder, Blanchard, Krasner & French

Valuation Case Studies in COVID-19 Era Webinar

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 from 10:30am to 12:30pm Moderator: Nevin Sanli Panelists: Bernard I. Zaia – Managing Partner / Investment Banker at Battalion Crest, LLC Raman Sain – Partner / Certified Public Accountant at Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP Scott R. Ehrlich – Partner / Attorney at Law – M&A and Finance Transactions at […]

Nevin Sanli, ASAPresident & Founder, Sanli Pastore & Hill

Strong Winds of Change in the Antitrust World in Europe and the United States: Big Tech Under Cross Fire

Author: Luis Blanquez Interesting times to be an attorney; especially an antitrust attorney. If you work in private practice, you are likely witnessing the most significant transformation in the legal sector in the past 20 years. If you are an in-house lawyer, you are probably dealing with a new set of legal and commercial issues you couldn’t […]

Luis BlanquezAttorney, Bona Law PC

The Progress We Need: Ten Health Care Imperatives for the Decade Ahead

ditor’s Note: In a new white paper and companion infographic, Manatt Health addresses ten health care imperatives that we believe are critical for improving the health care system and achieving health equity. The paper shares our point of view on the strategies and actions needed to advance health care in our country—measures that will be […]

CA Regulatory Deadline Looms for Drug and Home Sharps Waste Stewardship Law

In September 2018, California enacted the Pharmaceutical and Sharps Waste Stewardship law, which requires covered entities to provide for the safe and convenient collection, transportation and disposal of “covered drugs” (which includes both prescription and over-the-counter drugs sold or dispensed in California) and home-generated sharps waste (which includes hypodermic needles, lancets and other such items sold […]