New rules for entering Bulgaria in force from 1 May 2021

With Ordinance № RD-01-278 of 29 April 2021, the Minister of Health introduced new temporary anti-epidemic measures for entering into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, to be applied from 1 May 2021 to 31May 2021. From 1 May the entry into Bulgaria of persons arriving from India, Bangladesh, Brazil and countries and territories […]

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Nina Boteva Law Newsletter March 2021

On 12 March 2021, the amendments to the Measures against Money Laundering Act (MMLA) were published in the State Gazette. Legislative changes have amended the scope of the obligated subjects (legal entities and natural persons) that should implement measures against money laundering and terrorist financing. The above-pointed out obligated subjects under the MMLA are specified […]

Nina BotevaFounding Partner, Nina Boteva Law Office

Hristo Svilenov Mitkov participates in the IR Global Guide – Getting to know the UBO & selecting the right advisor

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers When the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive was introduced into law by the UK and EU in January 2020, for many professionals it was a much needed addition to legislation that would significantly help business transparency and combat money laundering. In essence, it was good for business and for public and professional […]

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Nina Boteva Law Office Newsletter

At the end of 2020, the Bulgarian Parliament adopted significant changes to the Value Added Tax Act (VATA). The changes are related to the introduction of the requirements of Council Directive (EU) 2017/2455 of 5 December 2017 amending Directive 2006/112/EC and Directive 2009/132/EC as regards certain value-added tax obligations for supplies of services and distance […]

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Zarena Factory: Sale of Medical Masks

Zarena Factory is a leading company in Bulgaria that provides sustainable high quality products at affordable prices. In this regard, Zarena is a manufacturer of two types of masks – Medical (Certified as Type IIR) and Hygiene (Certified as FFP1). The issued certification of the above-mentioned masks is subject to the requirements of the EC […]

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Newsletter August 2020

ORDINANCE № 2 of 5 August 2020 on the implementation of measure 21 “Extraordinary temporary support for farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises, which are particularly affected by the crisis caused by COVID-19 of the Rural Development Program for the period 2014 – 2020” (hereinafter only the Ordinance) was published in the Bulgarian State Gazette […]

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