Bosnia and Herzegovina: New contracts for telecommunications companies

Law office Dalibor Mrša concluded a  new contract with one of the leading telecommunications company – “JP Hrvatske telekomunikacije dd Mostar”. Furthermore, law office announced the signing of a contract with the company “Roaming networks” doo, in order to provide legal services to another significant telecommunications operator – “m: tel”.  Roaming networks is one of […]

Law Office Dalibor Mrša joins IR as the exclusive Commercial Litigation Member in Bosnia & Herzegovina

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Dalibor Mrša of Law Office Dalibor Mrša. Dalibor has joined IR as our exclusive Commercial Litigation Member in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Dalibor Mrša is a delegate in the Assembly of the Bar Association of Republic of  Srpska with the highest number of votes […]

Securitization in Luxembourg

By “securitisation” is meant the operation by which a securitisation vehicle acquires or takes on risks linked to loans, goods or liabilities accepted by a third party by issuing transferable securities the value or yield of which is dependent on these risks. Practically speaking, a securitisation operation consists of bringing together a group of assets […]