John Glover participates in IR Global Guide: International Expansion: Building your Business Overseas

Foreword by Andrew Chilvers Despite these uncertain times, expanding overseas can be a key driver for future growth for an ambitious business. International expansion can breathe new life into a company, drive huge value and set it on a path of continued success. Expanding a business overseas is a strategic opportunity that will help diversify […]

John GloverManaging Director, Pendragon

James Conomos participates in the IR Global Insolvency Virtual Series – Insolvency & Restructuring: How the global pandemic changed the rules on insolvency

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers Insolvency and restructuring legislation changed radically in all jurisdictions in the wake of COVID-19. While governments have tried to delay the number of insolvencies in the short term, most experts agree that distressed businesses will start to fail significantly later this year and into 2021. For insolvency practitioners and lawyers alike, […]

James ConomosFounder and Principal Partner, James Conomos Lawyers

Teachers’ tax deductions can really boost your tax refund

“I’m a teacher. What tax deductions will the ATO allow?” Like many professionals, teachers often pay for work related expenses out of their own pockets. In most cases, these items can become valuable tax deductions for teachers. As a teacher, the tax deductions you claim back significantly improve your tax refund – if you know what you’re […]

Doyles Construction Lawyers joins IR as the exclusive Construction Law and Commercial Arbitration Member in Australia

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce James Patrick Doyle FCIArb of Doyles Construction Lawyers. James has joined IR as our exclusive Construction Law and Commercial Arbitration member in Australia. Doyles Construction Lawyers was established in 1991 by its Principal Lawyer, Jim Doyle and has since grown expanded […]

James Patrick Doyle FCIArbDirector, Doyles Construction Lawyers

Tax deductions for office admin staff – How to boost your tax refund

Tax deductions for office admin staff include work related calls on your personal phone! (But no, a few calls doesn’t mean you can claim your whole phone.) This one is for all the office administrators out there; the unsung heroes of EVERY business. You are the organisers, arrangers, schedulers and geniuses who bring order and […]

In Breakdown of a Relationship Get Advice as to your Personal Position Before You Proceed

If you are in a marriage or de-facto relationship that is now untenable and you feel that enough is enough, please ensure you seek sound legal advice as soon as possible, ideally before ‘making the break’ , but in any event to ensure you are empowered with as much information as possible regarding your legal […]

Ross KoffelPrincipal, Koffels Solicitors & Barristers

How Do You Attract Top Talent?

According to Herman Aguinis’ research paper titled ‘The best and the rest: revisiting the norm of normality in individual performance’, which involved more than 600,000 researches, entertainers, politicians and athletes, the results found that “high performers are approximately 400% more productive than average ones”. According to Herman’s findings, the answer is simple right? Your organisation needs […]

John GloverManaging Director, Pendragon