Jacob Stein of Aliant LLP hosts the IR Global Tax Group Virtual Call

Jacob Stein of Aliant LLP hosted the IR Global Tax Group Virtual Call yesterday which was a great success. Twelve members took part in the call which gave everyone a chance to present themselves and discuss the lockdown and its impact on a personal level.

Jacob had the following to say about the call: “Thank you everyone who joined the call. It was great to catch up. We will schedule another call in a couple weeks and will do a deeper dive into our practices and the kind of work we do for our clients. Stay tuned.”


Pictured above: Luis Ortiz Hidalgo, Jacob Stein, Stefan Drawetz, James Schmidt, Esq., Sébastien Watelet, Diego A. Embon, Menna Bowen, Jan Christian Brewer, Dirk Andreae-Nehlsen, Stefan Geluyckens, Victor Borges Polizelli, Christian Cacere.

Thank you to Jacob for arranging this. If you are hosting your own IR Global virtual event, please remember to take a screenshot and share this with your Client Manager!

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