IT-ISAC Podcast with Doug DePeppe of eosedge Legal About Cyberlaw

Douglas M. DePeppeAttorney, Founding Member, eosedge Legal

The IT-ISAC, the IT Industry’s leading cyber threat exchange, sat down with Doug DePeppe of eosedge Legal to discuss two aspects of cyberlaw:  application of the attorney-client privilege during the delivery of cyber services, and inspection of a novel law in the United States concerning liability protection. 

The Firewall Chats podcast, found here , delved into the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.  Doug DePeppe explains the functionality of a key provision in the law which commands a court to dismiss litigation when an organization has properly shared cyber threat information.  He also explains the clear advantages of this law, known as CISA. 

Scott Algeier, the Executive Director of the IT-ISAC, also asks Doug about the unparalleled advantages of privilege in the delivery of cyber services.  Listen to the podcast to gain insightful commentary concerning the advantages of cyberlaw in concert with other cyber services in elevating your cyber hygiene and lowering your risk.

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