Published 04 February 2016 by Engoru, Mutebi Advocates


ISFIN has teamed up with Engoru, Mutebi Advocates – leading legal experts in Uganda.

Prof. Laurent MARLIERE, CEO of ISFIN, says, “ Uganda enjoys a unique location at the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa within the East African region and lies astride the equator. This land-linked position gives the country a strategic commanding base to be a regional hub for the regional trade and investment.

The Ugandan economy currently offers great investment opportunities through government actions to ensure an investor-friendly environment, particularly through the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), which offers a number of investment incentives. Areas with potential for investment in Uganda include Energy & Power Sectors, Oil and Gas, Mineral Development, Financial Services Sector, Insurance, Healthcare, Real Estate and Property, Education, Tourism, Dairy or Agriculture as Uganda forms part of the East African plateau and thus, favourable conditions for the cultivation of food and cash crops are found in most areas.

 “The proposed amendments to Uganda’s Financial Institutions Act 2014 paves the way for Islamic and Agency banking in the country where there is a enormous need to open up to new horizons and conduct training programmes to promote the development of the fast-growing “Halal” sector in the country. Through the Central Bank of Uganda, which has welcomed the provision of Islamic financial services, the country will follow its neighbouring states such as Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania and embrace new investments opportunities. ” Adds Marlière.

Partner at Engoru Mutebi Advocates, Robert APENYA says, “Engoru, Mutebi Advocates is a Corporate and Commercial law firm that provides specialist services in Infrastructure, Project Finance, Employment & Pension Law, Competition law, Energy and Oil & Gas, Construction, Banking & Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions amongst others  in the East Africa Region.

The Firm is founded on values of pro-activeness, pragmatism and integrity. In addition to our profound knowledge and understanding of the law, we appreciate the nature and pace of business and accordingly, offer practical and timely advice to our clients.

The firm’s clientele consists of international, regional and local businesses in the following sectors: infrastructure and construction, energy and Oil & Gas, telecommunications, banking, pensions and retirement benefits, capital markets, private equity, industrial and commercial companies to whom we provide legal and regulatory services and advice. 

We offer start-up advisory and execution services including the provision of company secretarial services, corporate governance training and negotiation of transaction documents.

The firm has a team of multi-talented lawyers who have amassed specialized training and practical experience in their fields of expertise. As far as the legal fraternity in Uganda goes, the firm has unrivalled, hands-on specialist experience in advising and ensuring that the clients’ legal risk are at a minimum. We are keen to comprehend each client’s unique legal and strategic needs in order to deliver tailor-made solutions.

“Our firm with ISFIN is going to open new opportunities for us to welcome Islamic investments in Uganda and advice our clients about emerging markets,” adds Partner, Robert APENYA.

ISFIN is the world’s leading platform for professional firms specializing in Islamic Finance, investments from and to the Muslim world and the Halal industry. The alliance covers more than 75 jurisdictions around the world.
 ISFIN’s network is composed of the most innovative and highly regarded independent law firms, audit & accounting firms and real estate companies in their field.

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