#IRLONDON21 – Events App Now Live

The events industry, overall, has seen a huge interest in people looking forward to returning to in-person events again, and that much is true for our conference in London in 5 days time.

However, as we return to in-person events, there is a sense that the events industry has advanced and utilised the pandemic to invest in technology, like many other industries did too. It is the first time we can see a true reflection of digital and face-to-face working side by side. IR Global is no stranger to these technological advancements with the introduction of our IR Global Events App. We wanted to share with you a bit about the app and how it will take our event in London to the next level!

Event Information & Schedule

One of the highlights to our new app is that you are able to view all event information and the full event schedule within the app. This saves time looking through previous emails to try and find out when different activities are taking place or trying to remember something you saw before you came.

You can now jump on the app and view everything there is to know about the event!

Messaging Service

Our events are an important part of IR Global. They give our members the chance to catch-up and network in a great environment. In a recent poll, our members made clear that networking was what they are most excited about for #IRLONDON21.

The app helps our members take their networking to new levels with a built-in messaging service, meaning you can directly connect with fellow attendees, to meet-up, arrange meetings or to follow-up on an earlier conversation.

Book Meetings

Meetings are another huge part of our events – they allow our members to meet and discuss business propositions or any other discussions in person, whilst at the event. Our app makes this process easier too by allowing members to book meetings with other attendees within the app.

You can, additionally, see what traffic light is assigned to people you are booking meetings with, to find out what their comfortability is with social distancing.

To summarise, our #IRLONDON21 event is going to be big! Our events app is helping us to drive our event forward and combine in-person and virtual event solutions. We can’t wait to see all our members in 5 days’ time and until then, we’ll see you on the app!