IR Global Member Meeting – Wissam Abousleiman of Abousleiman & Co Meets With Fellow Members in Cyprus

Wissam AbousleimanManaging Director, Abousleiman & Co

Wissam Abousleiman of Abousleiman & Co recently met with Martinos Typographos of I. M. Typographos & Co LLC and Leonidas Michaelides of SPL Audit (Cyprus) Limited in Cyprus.

Wissam had the following to say about the meeting: “Great time last week in Cyprus with promising news of new projects to come! Icing on the cake was I had the pleasure to connect with old friends and fellow #IRGlobal members Martinos Typographos and Leonidas Michaelides! Hope to see you both again soon!”

Wissam 1Wissam 2

If you are travelling and would like the opportunity to meet fellow IR members, please reach out to your Client Managers (Liam ShewringCharlotte WeedsLauren Morgan) who will be able to help facilitate an introduction.

We appreciate it when members send photos of their trips, so if you have any you would like to share then please share them with the respective Client Managers above. 

Contributing Advisors

Martinos TypographosSenior Partner, I. M. Typographos & Co LLC

Andreas GeorgiouManaging Director, SPL Audit (Cyprus) Limited