IR Global East Coast Meeting hosted by Loren & Kean Law

#IREAST20: We are pleased to share images from the recent IR East meeting in Washington, D.C. A big thank you to Bruce Loren and Michael Kean of Loren & Kean Law for hosting the event. 

Approximately x30 members were in attendance to discuss a variety of topics, including continued strategies for the East Coast Group to interact and create synergies with other groups throughout the IR Global network, technology issues and strategies to address pending remote working due to the coronavirus situation, and plans for future East Coast and IR. 

Bruce Loren and Michael Kean commented: “The Washington DC meeting was a further opportunity for our East Coast members to strengthen and deepen their already solid relationships. In less than three years of existence, the East Coast Group has continued to thrive due to the dedication and engagement of our East Coast members, under the excellent guidance of our steering committee. 

Special thanks goes to William Shawn of ShawnCoulson who was instrumental in assisting with the arrangement at the hotel and for dinner. We look forward to the continued success of, and business development among the East Coast Group.”