IR Digital Podcast host Nick Yates speaks with Mark Benton, Partner of AHNSE Law Offices in South Korea.

Published 12 July 2018 by AHNSE Law Offices

Mark is IR Global's exclusive Corporate Law member in South Korea (

Mark has worked with Ahnse since 2013 with the firm’s foreign clients – in bound and out bound. Ahnse is committed to providing high quality legal advice at a fair price with a broad corporate and commercial practice having both local and foreign qualified lawyers.

Mark and Nick discuss the evolving FDI landscape in the region focusing on the following key points:

1. How does South Korea compare internationally as a destination for inward investment and what are the most active sectors?
2. What are the key laws and regulatory authorities governing foreign investment in South Korea and how does the government incentivize foreign investors? 
3. What are the pitfalls or potential barriers investors should be aware of when considering FDI in South Korea?
4. Which investment structures are typically used by international investors in your jurisdiction? How can you help to facilitate the process?
5. How do you see the FDI landscape evolving over the next five years in your jurisdiction?

For more information on this topic please contact Mark Benton directly on or visit the AHNSE Law Offices website