Investment by non-resident investors in Alternative Investment Funds under BSEC (Alternative Investment) Rules, 2015

Sakib SikderManaging Partner, Jural Acuity

Chapter  9 of the Guidelines for Foreign  Exchange  Transactions-2018,  Vol-1 outlines operational procedures for non-resident investors to make direct and portfolio investment in Bangladesh.  To bring wider scope in foreign investment,  it has been decided to allow foreign investment in Alternative  Investment  Funds  (AIF) registered under Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (Alternative Investment) Rules, 2015. In this context, Authorized Dealers shall observe the following instructions:-

(a)Eligible  investors  in  terms  of BSEC (Alternative  Investment)  Rules,  2015 may  invest  in units of AIF registered with Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC);

(b)Transactions relating  to  such  investments may  be made  through  Non-resident  Investor’s Taka Account(NITA);

(c)The payment against purchase of units of AIF by eligible non-resident investors shall be made by inward remittance through the normal banking channel including by debit to NITAs,  permissible  FC  accounts, Non-Resident  Taka  Accounts(Vostro) of overseas branches and correspondents (NRTA);

(d)Foreign  Exchange  Investment  Department  of  Bangladesh  Bank,  Head  Office,  must  be informed  within  14  days  of  issuance,  transfer  or  redemption  of  units  of  AIF  in favour of and/or by non-resident investors with necessary documents;

(e)Payment  on  account  of a dividend  may  be  remittable  abroad  and/or  may be  credited  to NITAs, permissible   FC   accounts,   NRTAs (Vostro)   of overseas   branches   and correspondents subject to deduction of applicable taxes, duties/levies, commission etc.;

(f)Foreign investors holding units of  AIF may sell or transfer or redeem the units as per rules or directions issued by BSEC. Fair value of sale proceeds of units is remittable abroad and/or may be credited to NITA subject to prior approval of  Bangladesh Bank. Among other documents, a valuation report prepared by a Merchant Banker licensed by BSEC or Chartered Accountant experienced in valuation along with a  recommendation from Trustee of the AIF is to be submitted with the application.

  1. Authorized Dealers shall carry out due diligence with regards to KYC/AML/CFT norms of the transactions.

Please bring the contents of the circular to the notice of your concerned clientele.