Introduction to new Law Firm Member in Germany

Published 25 July 2012 by KEIL & SCHAAFHAUSEN Patent- und Rechtsanwälte

International Referral the global network of business lawyers, is delighted to introduce Dr. Johann - Christoph Gaedertz of KEIL & SCHAAFHAUSEN Patent- und Rechtsanwälte . Dr. Johann - Christoph has joined the Legal network; as our exclusive Commercial Arbitration member in Germany.
Areas of Practice
Intellectual Property (Trademarks, Design Patents, Utility Models, Patents); Media and Entertainment; IP and Commercial Litigation/Arbitration/Mediation; Competition/Anti-Trust
Professional Development
since 10/2009 Partner of KEIL & SCHAAFHAUSEN 2008 - 2009 Partner Kaye Scholer LLP, New York and Frankfurt/Main
2001 - 2008 Partner, MAYER BROWN & PLATT GAEDERTZ.; (since 2004 Mayer Brown LLP.) Frankfurt/Main
1998 - 2001 Partner, GAEDERTZ Rechtsanwälte; Frankfurt/Main
1992 - 1998 Partner GAEDERTZ Rechtsanwälte; Leipzig
1988 - 1989 Master of Laws (LL.M.; University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, Cal., USA)
1987 -1988 Ph.D. studies, Hamburg 1987 2nd State Examination/Admission to the Bar
1984 1st State Examination
1980 - 1984 Law School in Freiburg and Mainz

Keil & Schaafhausen is a highly specialized, leading IP boutique firm in Germany, offering all legal services in all areas of IP law. The partners of the firm are Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys and Civil Law litigation experts with longstanding experience in advising clients regarding the most effective protection, prosecution and litigation of IP rights.
What we stand for
The firm stands for IP work of the highest quality and professional service. We strive to offer a first-class legal work and combine it with first-class client service for all our clients. We use the same working techniques as large international law firms, in which some of our lawyers have spent most of their professional career, while at the same time avoiding the unnecessary overhead as well as excessive fee and invoicing habits. We concentrate on effective, efficient and commercially sound service, always focusing on the business interests of our clients. We provide practical and pragmatic advice in the interest of the business success of our clients.
KEIL & SCHAAFHAUSEN works for national and international clients of all sizes and nationalities. We serve a substantial number of European, US American and Asian clients on a regular basis. Our long established world-wide network with prominent foreign associate firms, which are usually among the first ranks of law firms in their jurisdictions, helps us to efficiently provide international services for all situations and all needs of our clients. We practice a strong leadership with these foreign associate firms, meaning a very close and firm cooperation in international cases in order to secure a consistent level of quality and service from all involved lawyers.
The quality and individual counsel of KEIL & SCHAAFHAUSEN in all matters of industrial property is widely appreciated. Numerous firms have been placing confidence in us for decades.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Dr. Johann - Christoph directly or with the International Referral head office for an introduction.