Introduction to new Finance Firm Member in Luxembourg.

Published 10 April 2013 by Hoogewerf & Co

International Referral the global network of business figures, is delighted to introduce Francis Hoogewerf of Hoogewerf & Co. Francis has joined the Legal network; as our exclusive Tax Planning member in Luxembourg.

Hoogewerf & Co
 was set up by Francis Hoogewerf, a UK chartered accountant, in 1970. Hoogewerf & Co practices as a “Réviseur d'Entreprises”, “Expert comptable”, domiciliation agent, international tax advisor and projects.

Hoogewerf & Co have always been cross border tax specialists, working with colleagues, tax lawyers and accountants all around the world.

Not only do Hoogewerf & Co advise on tax structures they will also coordinate the constitution and administration of appropriate tax advantageous entities and companies, virtually anywhere in the world. 

Holding Companies

Hoogewerf & Co form, administer and domicile holding companies.

Tax Consultancy

Hoogewerf & Co's specialty is to advise on tax treaty networks for dividends, interest, royalties and capital gains, especially in relation to holding companies.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Francis directly or with the International Referral head office for an introduction.