This is the Panama chapter 2021 of the book International Succession Laws published by STEP & Bloomsbury Professional


Juan F. Pardini

Fixed rights of inheritance

Succession laws and rights of inheritance

Succession and inheritance rights in Panama are regulated by the Civil Code, the Civil Procedure Code, Law No 21 of 2017 and Law No 1 of 1984 (‘trust legislation’) and Law No 25 of 1995 (‘foundation legislation’) and the Tax Code including enabling legislation.

According to the Panamanian Civil Code succession is the transmission of active and passive rights that form part of the deceased’s estate to an individual or entity—such transmission being by operation of law (intestate succession) or pursuant to instructions given by the testator in the testator’s will.

Panamanian law governs the distribution of assets and liabilities wherever they are physically located within Panama, even if the deceased is domiciled abroad at the time of death.

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