International Law Referral Success Story by Ales Eppinger

Schaffer & Partner is proud to be a member of International Law Referral (ILR). We understand ILR not as a “passive” organization in terms of just being “listed” there in a catalogue of members, but we believe that ILR should be considered as a homogenic group of law offices that are prepared to cooperate not only in professional legal issues but also to create a social network of lawyers sharing the same view how to effectively collaborate on friendly basis.

In light of the above-mentioned approach, it is our pleasure to confirm that we are successfully working together with the Turkish law office Guzeldere | Soydan | Ozmert also being a member of ILR. Our mutual strategy was established during a Czech-Turkish Economical Congress in Ankara (October 2010) and since that we have exchanged a couple of clients and are working together on setting-up of a Turkish production company in the Czech Republic (EUR 10,000,000 investment). On behalf of our law office Schaffer & Partner, I would like to encourage the other member law offices to think over the unique opportunity that ILR offers and to work more closely with other ILR members, especially in joint marketing strategy (e.g. organizing business-oriented conferences for strategical investors, publishing joint professional articles (together with other ILR law office etc.) aimed at cross-border law deals etc…).

About Schaffer & Partner

Schaffer & Partner is an international group of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers with offices in Prague and Nuernberg. The head office, located in Nuernberg, was established in 1987. Today, Schaffer & Partner is an international team of over 100 experts. Ales Eppinger the ILR member is a partner within the Prague office of the firm expertise lies in mergers & acquisitions, civil, property, insolvency and arbitration law. For more information; please contact         

About Gulzedere / Soydan / Ozmert Law Firm

Guzeldere | Soydan | Ozmert Law Firm is a Turkish based law firm offering a wide range of legal services to domestic and international clients since May 2000.Altug Gulzedere the ILR member is a founding partner of the firm and based in Istanbul. His main areas of expertise are mergers & acquisitions, contracts, foreign Investment, media and intellectual property law. For more information; please contact

About International Law Referral (ILR)
International Law Referral is an innovative group focused on rewarding the most talented lawyers around the world. The network features one individual exclusively per practise area and jurisdiction. This offers an unrivalled global network which offers the highest quality legal solution in each country and for every requirement. The structure in place will ensure each member builds stronger and ultimately more rewarding relationships. Apart from the obvious referral benefits for the member to gain new business and assist their own clients, the group is available to assist members in all facets of their business, whether they would like introductions to like minded law firms in other jurisdictions, in secondments, joint articles with other firms or help in improving their websites position on Google.

For more information; please contact