Institutional and Technical Strengthening of the PPP System in Panama

In this 2021, the Firm together with Deloitte will participate in various activities related to Institutional Strengthening in favor of the governing body the SNAPP in Panama.

It is important to point out that the PPP Law of Panama and its regulations establish the institutional framework under which the system for the development of PPP projects must operate, from their initial conception to the completion of the respective PPP contracts. Although the regulations of the Law delve into the initial procedural level, it is necessary to establish from there a complete system of organization and operation of the parties that participate in the presentation, analysis, approval and execution of potential PPP projects.

The participation of the Firm will result in favor of the SNAPP in having various instruments that allow it to develop infrastructure projects under this modality, such as, among others:

  • Criteria or indicators, conditions, factors and variables that effectively allow applying a methodology to determine the eligibility of a potential PPP project.
  • Guide for the preparation of the project risk distribution proposal at the pre-feasibility and feasibility level.
  • Guide for the preparation of the sustainability and feasibility study of the project at the pre-feasibility and feasibility level
  • Guide to the bidding, awarding and contracting process
  • Model of prequalification and bidding specifications, as a complement to the guide.
  • PPP contract model and its corresponding annexes, as a complement to the guide.

The actions that will be proposed to be incorporated in the execution of the services will observe the principle of a results approach, which consists that the contracting public entities, in the development of their functions, will adopt the actions that allow the execution of the PPP project within the respective deadlines and avoid delays resulting from mere formalities.