Ignacio Morillas-Paredes interviewed by Clarín World radio on 28th August 2019 over parliament prorogation, Queen’s role, legal challenges and the UK departing the EU

Ignacio Morillas-Paredes, a Partner at Colman Coyle has been interviewed by Clarín World radio and discussed the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Boris Johnson and his team are currently fighting parliament on the issue of leaving the EU without a deal on Thursday 31st October 2019.

Parliament does not have enough support for the UK to leave the EU without an agreement in place.

Ignacio explained in his radio interview how the prorogation of parliament is not a violation and the three-week suspension has been approved by the Queen. A legal challenge on prorogation does not have a legal base to succeed. Boris is deliberately trying to make the European Union negotiate and is already campaigning in readiness for a snap general election.

Parliament is split on the issue of leaving and the best way to proceed with Brexit, which has led to six unprecedented commons defeats for the Prime Minister, along with several resignations from his own party.

Please view the clip from Ignacio’s interview with Clarín World radio: https://bit.ly/2lJvTBG

Please read the radio article here in Spanish: https://bit.ly/2lLBdUM

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