How will the vaccine roll out in different jurisdictions impact cross-border businesses? What will professional advisors need to ensure best practice and governance are carried out?

I would say vaccine deployment is very important to boost the economy. Also, to avoid bankruptcy cases because if the situation remains the same, companies will be forced to file for bankruptcy with the disruption to business. In Poland there has been massive state aid for businesses and that has had a big impact on domestic and cross-border business deals.

We’ve lost a lot of cases. Many projects have been put on hold. Before the crisis we had about 10 or 15 cross-border projects, but after the outbreak of the pandemic they started to pull out from Poland. This was also a huge loss to our business as well. We’re now working to get this business and all these clients back on track, but it is still very difficult because clients are very hesitant and wary about going ahead with any new projects in Poland. Also, the situation on other European countries is very different regarding the vaccination rollout. This is having a huge impact on cross border projects.