How to Improve Company Culture

After managing social media platforms for employment lawyers over the past several months, we have seen an increase of research into how employees feel about company culture and as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a lot of company leaders are looking into ways they can improve their company culture. With unhappy employees, your business will encounter toxic relationships, low productivity and a higher staff turnover.

Company culture needs to reflect your mission and as an executive or manager, the mission must be communicated to your employees. A unique company culture will make your business look desirable and have people dreaming of joining your team. So, what do you need to do?

Employee engagement:

To keep your employees engaged with the work they complete, you need to go the extra mile. Once an employee is interested and engaging with the business, many organisations find that the productivity and retention rate increases.

Employee engagement surveys are a great way to find out what your team think of your business so you can see what is working or not. Another way to improve engagement is by paying attention to your workers physical and mental health, especially as the ongoing pandemic continues to bring difficult situations to workplaces. Rewarding your employees is an additional way to improve employee engagement, who doesn’t love getting recognition when they’ve done a good job?

Hiring people that fit in with your company culture:  

You want to create a strong foundation and hiring the right people who are excited to work for you is a great first step. Once you hire someone that isn’t right for your business, this can affect your other employees and bring down your company culture.

If you feel unsure about a candidate that you have just interviewed, discuss this with your fellow employees. They may have comments that you have not considered, and after all, they will be working with them so if they also get a bad feeling, it definitely will not work.

Work-life balance:

Making sure that your employees are happy is the most essential part of developing an amazing company culture. A healthy work-life balance ensures that your employees stay happy and healthy.

Spending time with your team outside of the office will allow them to relax and see their employees in a different environment which encourages friendships.

A healthy company culture is the foundation of a business, and this does not happen overnight. Your company culture will start naturally developing over time, especially if you start making the right changes now.