How to Form a Visa in Latvia

In recent years, travelling and residing in Latvia has become popular not only for European Union citizens, but also for citizens from other countries. There may be different reasons for travelling and residing e.g., visiting family, business and employment, diplomatic reasons, etc.

Latvia is a member state of Schengen area. According to European Union and Latvian law, it is possible for foreigners (non-European Union citizens) to obtain Short-term visa (C visa), Airport transit visa (A visa) or national(long-stay) visa (D visa) in order to enter and stay in Latvia. A person may reside in Latvia with a visa up to 90 days in 180 day-period, in exceptional cases, even longer. In the European Union and Latvia, there are strictimmigration policies, therefore there is established a certain procedure for forming each visa.

The Law Office Rasa & Esenvalds has prepared a presentation about visa forming procedure in Latvia. The presentation briefly explains the process of forming the visa in order to stay or reside in Latvia. If you require any consultations about forming a visa in Latvia or any other legal issue or if you need any assistance in the visa forming procedure, feel free to contact us (e-mail [email protected], tel. +371 67280685).