Hospitality tax deductions – now it’s our turn to look after you!

Hospitality tax deductions: Are you claiming everything you’re entitled to?

Who knew you could claim the sunscreen you slathered on during those open air functions last summer? Or the advanced barista course that made you the best coffee artist on the strip? We did – and that’s not all!

Hospitality tax deductions put a big chunk of your hard earned cash back in your wallet – but only if you know what they are and how to claim them.

Whether you’re a waitress, event manager, barista or mixologist, hospitality is not an easy field to work in. Endless nights translating drunk-speak, screaming tantrums over wrong orders. Weeping hens, unruly bucks and impressive family misfunctions. You’ve calmed, counselled, mopped up and smiled through them all, so now it’s time to get a little something for your efforts.

It’s time to get a decent chunk of your hard earned cash back from the ATO. so let’s talk about the most common tax deductions and point out a few common mistakes. We’ll help make sure you get it right.

Hospitality tax deductions include expenses from various areas of your job including: