Granted Patents to be Published Without Delays

The Israel Patent Office Journal publishes details of allowed applications and other patent developments such as filings of oppositions, patents lapsing due to non-payment of renewals, patent term extensions and similar matters

Due to a backlog and delays in publishing, the July 2010 Patent Office Journal was published at the end of November 2010. Long delays have come to be expected and were originally related to the time delays incurred by manual typesetting.

On December 30, 2010, the Israel Patent Office published the August, September, October, November and December Journals. It has now announced that future journals containing, inter alia, the details of applications published for Opposition, no later than the end of the month following payment of the publication fee, in a timely manner.

Once the journals are published, the details therein will be transferred to Inpadoc, WIPO, esp@cenet, etc., and should be available to on-line searchers shortly afterwards.

Dr. Guy Rotkopf Appointed Acting Israel Commissioner of Patents
Dr. Guy Rotkopf, the Director-General of the Israel Ministry of Justice, has been appointed acting Commissioner of Patents in place of Dr. Meir Noam whose term of office ended on December 31, 2010. The appointment is temporary.

In his previous position Rotkopf announced that the first publication fee collected by the Israel Patent Office for basic bibliographic details of new Israel Patent Filings in the Official Gazette would be refunded to Applicants. This was a result of a controversy resulting from Dr. Noam’s decision to make do with the faster, more user-friendly and vastly more ecological publication on-line in the Israel Patent Office database.