Further Notes On Law Decree No. 76 Of July 16, 2020 Of The Italian Government, Enacting Urgent Measures On Simplification And Digital Innovation – So Called “Decreto Semplificazioni”, Converted Into Law No. 120 Of September 11, 2020

Making reference to the already posted note on the above subject matter, it appears relevant to provide the following further information in relation thereto.

➢ does the Law Decree provide the ability for project owners to replace the majority of the solar panels in ground mounted projects keeping their original feed in tariffs?

Pursuant to the simplifications provided for under the Law Decree No. 76:

✓ the replacement of the majority of the solar modules in already existing and incentivized ground mounted pv plants is allowed (even if the layout of the relevant plant is changed) under specific technical restrictions and requirements (e.g. the area where the pv plant as a whole is located must not be enlarged, the volume and dimensions of the whole components of the pv plant must not be increased more than 15%, the height from the ground of the whole components of the pv plant must not be increased more than 20%);

✓ the aforementioned replacement anyway allows the project owner to keep the initial/original awarded FITs and, even if as a result of such replacement, the power generated by the relevant pv plant should increase, the project owner will be anyway entitled to maintain the initial/original awarded FITs but the “relevant power production’s increase” shall not be considered with reference to the calculation of the FITs the pv plant (as initially authorized) periodically gains by producing electricity.

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