Fundación Esperanza Contigo, A.C.

Adrián J. RomeroCEO, Grupo Consultor EFE

Every year at Fundación Esperanza Contigo, A.C. we host a Christmas party for over 200 kids in #Tijuana#Mexico. At this event we’ve always managed to give away toys, shoes, jackets, and blankets.

This year, because of COVID, not only did we loose over half of our sponsors, but organizing in-person activities is not possible. What’s even worse, foster homes were left with 30 or more kids that are not able to attend their public schools, and since most of them rely on less than 3 people to manage, clean and care for them, they’ve been overwhelmed with all the work (those of us who have kids will understand perfectly what I’m talking about).

So, this year we want to provide tablets for each and every one of them in order to help with their remote #learning.

We usually provide assistance to at least 200 kids on a regular basis, however, we understand the cost of the devices and we need your help to reach our goal of providing tablets for a group of 30 kids.

We appreciate if you can support or cause via our charity’s PayPal account before 12/15.

On behalf of every child your donation will impact, THANK YOU!