FICUS CAPITAL – ARG joins IR as the exclusive Investment Funds member in Argentina

Published 21 July 2016 by FICUS CAPITAL - ARG

IR Global, the world's largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Carlos García Rubio of FICUS CAPITAL - ARG. Carlos has joined IR as our exclusive Investment Funds member in Argentina

Carlos García Rubio, President of Ficus Capital Argentina SA, is an M&A specialist, whose activity is focused primarily in mass media, content, telecommunication, energy, food products and agribusiness. His differentiation lies in finding opportunities where large banks do not seek out and others professionals do not find. Representing overseas buyers who want to invest in Argentina or local entrepreneurs who want to sell their assets in the region his recognized role is to optimize the profitability of FC`s clients.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Carlos directly or with the IR Global head office for an introduction.