Extraordinary Support for the Reduction of Economic Activity

Sérgio RamosPartner, NUMERIC

Companies that applied for the Extraordinary Support for the Reduction of Economic Activity are eligible to make further reductions in the working hours of their employees and receive greater support from the Social Security in December, due to the circulation restrictions imposed by the Government, as follows:

Webinar: Leaving Canada – Life and Tax in Portugal
Sat – Dec 5, 2020 4:00 p.m. (Lisbon time)

Sergio Ramos, Founding Partner of Numeric Consulting Group will have a conversation with Elan Harper about the benefits to move from Canada to Portugal. Topics covered will include:

  • 10-year “Tax Holiday” for newcomers. Is this true and how do I qualify?
  • How will passive income earned from Canada be treated after I move to Portugal?
  • What if I have a business with clients in Canada that I will continue to service from Portugal? 
  • How will I be taxed after my Tax Holiday ends? 
  • How will I be taxed if I become resident in Portugal and then change my mind and depart?
  • How will my estate be taxed if I die in Portugal?
  • What is life in Portugal like?
  • Do I need to speak the language to get by?


VAT exemption for the acquisition of equipment to prevent from Covid-19

The complete exemption from VAT for the acquisition of goods required to combat Covid-19 provided for in article 2 of Law no. 13/2020, of May 7, will be applied with immediate effect to acquisitions made between October 31, 2020, and April 30, 2021.

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IRS – Withholding tax rates – 2021

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Contributing Advisors

Carlos RodriguesPartner, NUMERIC