Experts diverge on gas issue in Russia-Ukraine conflict

Russia has announced that it has cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria as the countries have failed to comply with trade agreements. A decision that the European Union (EU) called blackmail. And with that, it put European countries on high alert.

For Luciana ReisReis, a specialist in the oil, gas, infrastructure and energy sector, “the impact of Russia cutting off the supply of gas to the European Union is quite relevant, especially in the short term, since its replacement depends on high investments in infrastructure, especially regasification terminals for receiving LNG. Immediately, the European Union would need to reduce the demand for gas and increase the use of alternative fuels, such as coal and nuclear energy, interfering in the fulfillment of European decarbonization goals”, understands the specialist.

Acácio Miranda, a specialist in International Law, points out that “the interruption of gas supplies was already expected since the beginning of the conflict, on the part of Russia. Since a considerable portion of the gas consumed in Europe and the European Union is of Russian and Ukrainian origin. It is also important to understand that international relations, despite the sovereignty between countries, are guided by economic relations. So, this is another economic effect that, in theory, does not affect the sovereignty of countries”, Miranda.

Source: Lex Prime Newspaper

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